What size are your Scarves?
- Our small scarves are approx 74cm x 74cm x 105cm
- Our large scarves are approx 86cm x 86xm x 122cm

If I order my scarves with you, how do I know the colours will be the same as what I already have?
   - You can either post your scarf to us for us to match, or alternatively we can send out our colour swatch card to you. Please note that colours between us and other companies may not match by name. I.e. our purple may not be the same as somebody else's purple.

We're setting up a new Group, what colours do your scarves come in?
   - We currently produce 36 standard colours, please ask us for a colour swatch card to see the range.

After placing my order for Group scarves, when should I receive them?
   - Our lead time for Group scarves is, on average, 4 weeks from place of order with confirmed colours.

Can I place an order for 10 cloth badges?
   - Our minimum order quantity for embroidered or woven badges is 100. Don't let this put you off, we may be cheaper than you think, and we all know how collectable badges are - extras can always be swapped or sold.

Do you ship Worldwide?
   - Yes, we ship Worldwide either with Royal Mail for small items or DHL Express for heavier/more valuable items.