Main Event Clothing & Souvenirs

Welcome to the clothing shop for Kent International Jamboree 2022. 

Orders must be placed by must be placed by 3rd July strict. We will not be able to fulfill orders after this date.  - Limited stock will be available to purchase at the event  

This item is for COLLECTION ONLY from One Stop Scouting at the Kent International Jamboree between 30th July and 6th August 2022

KIJ2022 Main Jamboree Badge


KIJ2022 Badge Set - All 7

£6.00 £7.00

KIJ2022 Main Youth T-Shirt


KIJ2022 Main Adult T-Shirt


KIJ2022 'Solar' Youth T-Shirt


KIJ2022 'Solar' Adult T-Shirt


KIJ2022 Main Youth Hoodie


KIJ2022 Main Adult Hoodie


KIJ2022 Main Youth Sweatshirt


KIJ2022 Main Adult Sweatshirt


KIJ2022 'Solar' Youth Sweatshirt


KIJ2022 'Solar' Adult Sweatshirt


KIJ2022 Main Youth Polo Shirt


KIJ2022 Main Adult Polo Shirt


KIJ2022 Main Youth Zip Hoodie